Anthea Turner’s cleaning goes wrong

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Speaking live and exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Lizzie Cundy and guest host Stephen Bailey, television presenter and former Celebrity Big Brother star Anthea Turner shared her thoughts on the latest Big Brother series and how things were very different when she took part in the first ever celebrity CBB series in 2001.

With estimates of half a million pounds appearance fee being paid to CBB winner and former FUBAR Radio presenter Katie Price, it came as something of a surprise when Anthea revealed, “When I did Big Brother none of us got paid, it was all for a bit of a laugh, there wasn’t any 24 hour webcam but I’m really proud that that’s the one I did”. The show, which only ran for a week was part of the Comic Relief fundraising effort that year and included fellow contestants Jack Dee and Vanessa Feltz.

However, the star of BBC 3’s Perfect Housewife may have perfected her cleaning skills a little too far, resulting in her destroying a valuable piece of CCB history and modern art.

Back in 2001 in the midst of a messy divorce, fellow CBB contestant Vanessa Feltz went into meltdown chalking her words of frustration across the long dining table –  “the pressure of it all came out when she wrote all those things on that table, then The Tate Modern got in touch with Comic Relief and said they would offer money for the table because she’d written on it but what they didn’t realise was I’d already got a J cloth and cleaned it!”

Anthea also recalled going through her own divorce “I have been part of this business since 1986 and so I can’t be shocked at anything really? You know, you live by it, you die by it and if you have been in the media and you’ve done stories and OK Magazine, The Mirror, The Sun and this that and the other, you’ve promoted a programme so therefore you always give a little piece of yourself. So when something goes wrong, you can’t say no, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle so to speak, so I think you just have to roll with it. Some of my friends are going through divorce and terrible times and we sit there having a good old chat and my line to them all is, when they’re sobbing and I go ‘Look, I know it’s really bad but at least it’s not in the Daily Mail”

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