Kellie Maloney – ‘Hormones of a 30 year old’

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Tom Latchem‘s show, Kellie Maloney revealed she is feeling better than ever after a recent trip to visit her Doctor. “He told me that my hormone levels is that of a 30 year old woman, so now I know why I like going out and clubbing it. That’s why I still think I’m quite wild. He said we could take you off the hormones for while and you would go through what a woman of your age would have been going through, like the menopause. I said does it matter if I stay on them? No you can stay on them and we will monitor your blood in six months time and they go through everything that could happen to you. Medicals are coming up all good, because I do go to the gym everyday.”

The boxing promoter also spoke about her relationship with her ex-wife. “In fairness I had a golden rule that I wouldn’t let my wife take her partner to the house in Portugal because in our divorce settlement I took the house in Portugal. I told her that she could go with the girls but he couldn’t go there. She was saying its not fair, I’ve got to go on holiday on my own and I actually phoned her and went Tracey do you know what, I’m going to break my golden rule, you can take Ian to the house but I’m coming out on August the 7th and he’s got to be gone by then.”

She also admitted to looking for love on the internet but explained of the issues she’d been having. “I do look a lot on certain websites. There was a guy that I was talking to quite regularly on there, I thought he’s such a nice guy, the problem is if they don’t recognise me, the picture I put up is quite blurred and if I turn up, they might instantly recognise me, so I thought I had to tell him. I said I’m a transexual woman, but I’m totally changed, I’ve had the operation, as far as I’m concerned I’ve always been a woman and now a woman in all aspects. He just wrote back saying I can’t do this. I said that’s fine I understand.”

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