Lord German disgusted by Sewel’s conduct

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Tom Latchem‘s show, Lord Mike German revealed just how appalled he was at the recent allegations of a drug fuelled sex romp involving former member of the House of Lord’s, Lord Sewel. “I’m very disgusted with what he did because it draws the rest of us into disrepute. I think that a quick reaction from him would have been much more helpful, if he’d said hands up I got caught, I think it’s right I should leave. Especially as he is the person in charge of putting through all the new standards and recommendations.”

Most commentators have condemned the amount of time Lord Sewell took before he resigned this morning but Lord Graham revealed it is hard for the House of Lord’s to implement a quick intervention. “There is a mechanism, but like all things in the Lord’s it goes at a snail’s pace and given the fact we are not sitting at the moment, it’s unlikely it would have been dealt with until September at the moment, because it requires the members to be present to pass the judgement. There is no emergency procedure in other words and maybe that is a thought we need to have at the moment.”

The incident involving Lord Sewel has created a wider debate about the future of the House of Lord’s.”If nothing else comes out of this scandal, I would hope party leaders would tread very carefully about what they would try and promise for the future. We’ve had review after review, we’ve had all sorts of reports into how it could be reformed, there a multitude of different ways it could be done and what we need now is a consensus among the political parties that this has got to happen and to do that the party leaders have got to pull their finger out and agree.”

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