‘Dragons’ Den’ star Touker Suleyman’s lost fortune

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘Hot Gossip’ with Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, new Dragon, Touker Suleyman revealed success had not always been plain sailing for the entrepreneur. “I made my first fortune at 21 and lost it. I got into manufacturing, we subcontracted and I was supplying dresses to C&A in those days. We had one dress that just flew out and made a lot of money, then it was like all these things, you think you can walk on water and then I got sucked into investing in public companies. At a very young age I was chairman of two public companies, however one of them, the figures were all fraudulent and that bought me down.”

Not one to feel sorry for himself, Toucker explained how crucial it was for him to learn from the mistakes of his past. “It made me stronger, it makes you more determined and actually it’s great character building. You actually start asking yourself certain questions and say is this going to bring me down? No. Am I going to be successful? Yes. Am I going to knock on so many doors until one opens? Yes and that’s the drive and the passion.”

Starting from scratch the businessman told Mark and Lizzie of his long road back to the top. “Basically I bounced right back with my brother, he had a small business and I said let’s put all I know into that little business and build it up, we built the manufacturing into Turkey. Invested all our profits into property and property always comes right and I advise anybody who makes money, invest in property alongside.”

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