Alexander O’Neal – ‘Whitney Houston didn’t know who to trust’

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘Tom Latchem’ show, legendary R&B singer Alexander O’Neal has spoken out about his friend, the late Whitney Houston, claiming that she couldn’t put her faith in anyone during the latter stages of her life. “Whitney had family problems long before her demise, she had too much, everybody had their hands out. At the end, I think Whitney’s problem was she didn’t know who to trust. It seems like she had been protected all her career by somebody, then all of a sudden when she started having problems, everybody starts disappearing and distancing themselves.”

The tragic death of Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, raised the issue around who will inherent the Houston estate leading to even more discord between friends and family, who all believe should be in line for something. O’Neal feels there is a straightforward answer to the problem. “In the situation like Whitney’s, if she intended for someone to get a certain part of her will then I think they should get it. The people that have to fight for it, obviously if you weren’t in there from the beginning, she did not actually want you to have anything.”

This year the singer appeared on Celebrity Big Brother but did not stick around for long following a spat with Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton. Shortly afterwards O’Neal walked out. However, it was not a wasted experience, as he made an unlikely friend in the house with Katie Hopkins. “We got into in the first couple of days of the shows, we got into a row. But then me and her were the tightest ones out of all of them. We became tight because we have respect for each other. One thing about Katie, she’s a bit of a drama queen.”

Even though they formed a blossoming friendship, O’Neal was not fooled by Hopkins. “But it’s all an act. I can say that the most of it”.

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