Kanye for President? Pete from Pimlico for PM?

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‘MTV’s VMA Awards’ witnessed a major announcement at the weekend when Kayne West confirmed he would run to be President in 2020.

To some this might be alarming but when you consider Donald Trump is currently on course to contest for the White House in 2016, the rapper might not be such a bad candidate.

However here in the United Kingdom, the Conservatives are currently in power with David Cameron at the helm and the only apparent alternative to the Torries rule is if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership contest.

Even if Corbyn were to challenge for the top job in British politics would it really shake up the political system? Well here at FUBAR one of our regular listeners spoke to the ‘Sarah, Huw and Doc Too’ show and made a clear, loud and direct statement.

Pete from Pimlico is running for Prime Minister.

Now if you aren’t aware of the antics of Pete, you might be interested in seeing his campaign pledges:

– Firstly there would be “bikes for everyone” as he would not allow people to lock their cycles up.

– Forget George Galloway’s RESPECT party! Pete is dropping the T, please welcome the “RESPEC” party.

– All “Americanisms would be banned.” Say goodbye to “fanny packs”, “24/7” and people putting Z into words.

– Everyone would be forced to smoke weed, even if they didn’t want to.

– Finally he would twin Britain with Kanye West’s new America.

We here at FUBAR don’t know if his polices will inspire a generation but certainly are interested in hearing more from the potential next PM.

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