‘Live from the Fringe’ finishes for FUBAR

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After a month of live shows from the ‘Edinburgh Fringe Festival’ we here at FUBAR are reflecting back on amazing last week of our ‘Live from the Fringe’ shows in association with Underbelly.

Unlike mainstream broadcasters FUBAR offered a unique, uncensored and unregulated show at ‘The Fringe’ which showcased the worlds best comedians and entertainers on a daily basis.

The last two weeks alone saw presenters Johnny and Inel, Lucy Porter, Steve N Allen and Tom Latchem take to the stage in front of a live audience in the Scottish capital. All of whom can be found on a weekly basis on FUBAR with their own shows.

Last Friday, former children’s TV presenter Dave Benson Phillips joined comedian Ian Stirling for our final show, leaving the panel wondering if presenter Inel Tomilson had found his long lost father.

Youtube sensation Jon Cozart came to talk about the differences between performing in front of a camera in his bedroom to performing live everyday in front of an audience.

Tom Latchem took his show north of the border for two days and interviewed presenter Rick Edwards and funny man Mark Watson. But he wasn’t done there with ‘How Not to Live Your Life’ creator Dan Clark joining stand up comedian and star of the award winning sitcom ‘Derek‘, Brett Goldstein.

With our Edinburgh shows featuring in the iTunes top 10 chart, why don’t you find out what all the fuss has been about and download all of our amazing 18 podcasts from the Fringe. You can do this by either downloading the FUBAR Radio App or going to iTunes and selecting ‘Live from the Fringe’.

We’ll be at the back at the festival next year but meanwhile tune into FUBAR Radio everyday as we deliver a different brand of uncensored, unregulated and ad free radio which is a real alternative from the mainstream stations.