Lizzie Cundy reverses over Lionel Richie

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Speaking on her Thursday morning ‘Hot Gossip’ show with Mark Dolan, Lizzie Cundy revealed an amazing story which started with her reversing over legendary singer, Lionel Richie.

The first ever WAG explained the extraordinary set of circumstances that ended with her paying for an extortionate round of drinks that Lionel himself had intended to buy. “I was outside The Dorchester, I reversed, all the porters started banging on my car roof. So I got out and I said what have I done? They said you’ve just run over Lionel Richie’s foot. So I got out the car and he said don’t worry it’s my foot, I’ve got to sing tonight I can still do it. I nearly killed him.

Being the most connected woman in showbiz Lizzie turned the near fatality into an evening of fun. “He said do you want to come to my show tonight? I thought hey why not, can I bring a friend? We went, then a girl came to get us after the show and said Lionel wants to see you backstage. So I went back, saw Lionel and then he said shall we all go for a drink? So I thought why not, I never say no to a tipple.”

If the story couldn’t get any more extraordinary the bar bill that had totalled up soon came back to haunt Lizzie. “We went to ‘The Mandarin’ and sitting there and every sod was coming up to him ‘OMG you made my wedding’. He kept saying go to the bar, I’ll by you a drink, I’m just with some people at the moment.”

However it didn’t end well for Lizzie as Lionel had unfortunately left his wallet in his dressing room, leaving our presenter to fork out for not only her and Richie’s drinks but the hoards of fans who had been given free drinks by the singer.

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