Justin Lee Collins stars in 200

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Justin Lee Collins will have reached a major milestone at 7pm tonight, when he starts his 200th show on FUBAR Radio.

In the 15 months since JLC joined FUBAR he has taken all in his stride and created some amazing radio.

When Justin joined FUBAR in March of last year he began a hilarious campaign of ridiculous claims about Mick Hucknell. With increasingly outrageous, but clearly untrue allegations, escalating throughout March, Justin received a call from Mick live on air. Mick Hucknell threatened to sue JLC for defamation of character. Clearly concerned, Justin pleaded his case. However, the whole thing was an elaborate hoax – it was April 1st ! You can hear the whole thing here.

In another highly entertaining and affectionately tongue in cheek campaign against his good friend and fellow FUBAR presenter Mark Dolan, he accused him of giving away a rabbit, knowing full well it was going to get cooked by the winner of the competition that came to collect it. JLC then made a live call to a Zoo that had been in the post for having one of its precious monkeys stolen. JLC dropped Mark right in it by informing the Zoo that Mark had monkey-napped the innocent primate and was using it for experimentation. The campaign was mercilessly hilarious and culminated in JLC attacking fellow presenter Mark Dolan with a large pink vibrator during a live broadcast, just to see if Mark could remain calm under pressure.

After the station experienced some technical issues that impacted his live show, JLC hilariously accused his guest , psychic Derek Acorah of causing it by “opening up his portal” to the underworld. Derek was unimpressed.

There has of course been a host of stunning interviews but all with a fantastic JLC slant, from the artist that paints with is penis, Barney the Dinosaur, the Gorilla from the Phil Collins Cadbury ad and the Prophet from the United Church of Bacon.

Having generated hours of truly entertaining content, laid end to end, we could immerse ourselves in 32 days of pure JLC.

FUBAR CEO Duncan Smith said “Justin’s loyal listeners know just how much enthusiasm he brings to his show and those high levels have never diminished from the first minute he joined us. I want to thank Justin from all of us at FUBAR for making this station such a roaring success”.

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