Justin Lee Collins ordained into the Church of Bacon

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Talking exclusively to FUBAR Radio ’s Justin Lee Collins, the Prophet of America’s Church of Bacon has revealed the serious intentions behind the otherwise eccentrically named Church of Bacon.

The United Church of Bacon is a real, legal church based in Las Vegas, Nevada with nearly 10,000 members worldwide.

Co-founded with Penn Jillette (half of the highly successful magic act Penn & Teller) John Whiteside flew in to the FUBAR studios to explain all . “We chose a funny bacon name to expose how wrong it is for society to give automatic respect and special legal privileges to religions. Is our saying we worship Bacon really any stranger than Catholics who say that communion wafers become the body of Christ? Unlike God, who is invisible, at least we can see Bacon. Bacon is demonstrably real.”

Such was Justin’s admiration for the values of the church (but he also loves bacon), he applied to become a member. However, JLC soon found himself at the centre of some sensational developments. It seems the admiration was mutual, as the church’s Prophet, John Whiteside came to a decision that has changed Justin’s life. In a UK first, JLC was anointed to become Brother Good Times and officially ordained as a clergyman in the United Church of Bacon. This means he can baptise new church members and even perform marriage services.

JLC is tight lipped about performing marriages but wasted no time at all baptizing his long suffering producer and co-host Sam “Cakey Nips” Hutt. However, baptisms into the United Church of Bacon are very different to what you might have experienced before. No holy water, no sign of the cross – just raw bacon rashers slapped across the buttocks!

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