Bobby Norris – Drams in Marbs

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TOWIE’s Bobby Norris popped in to the Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy Hot Gossip FUBAR Radio show, fresh off the Marbella flight where he has been filming the new series which airs Sunday 14th June at 10pm on ITVBe.

When asked if the show is scripted Bobby said “It isn’t as manipulative as people think, in the sense that these arguments and barneys do really kick off. Sometimes there’s so many happen off-camera the show couldn’t feature them all. All I’m gonna’ say is Marbella, quite a lot of drama happened over there”  

Bobby will watch the first episode of The Only Way Is Marbella with as much excitement as the rest of us, as he explained that they don’t know what footage will make the show when it’s aired. He loves to view it and watch the Twitter comments roll in.

TOWIE has been commissioned till 2018 and so is not going anywhere. Speaking about the cast, Bobby said  “It’s such a cracking group of people, the cast we have is just amazing. And obviously we’ve lost some amazing ones as well who have gone on to do some amazing things but as a whole, I just think it’s just a great great show that people still love. I think five years on, the following it still gets is just unbelievable. I don’t think there’s anything like it”

Bobby spoke of his love for reality TV shows and spoke about the possibility of going into the Big Brother house – “I’ve always loved watching it, you know what, I would never say never. I am the biggest fan of reality TV, so yeah, if Big Brother gave me a little phone call…might be there”

Speaking of finding love since his split with fellow TOWIE star and cousin of former FUBAR radio host Amy Childs, Harry Derbidge – “ this year I’m going to start dating again. But there is no one on the scene”.  Bobby did say that if he meets someone he would not introduce them (to the TOWIE cast) to begin with but perhaps a few months down the line.

Listen to the interview above.

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