JLC and Chesney Hawkes To Enter Eurovision 2016

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Speaking exclusively to Justin Lee Collins on FUBAR Radio, Chesney Hawkes beamed he would “love” to work with our very own presenter to take on the competition in the Eurovision song contest next year. The singer, famous for his karaoke classic ‘ The One and Only’, shared JLC’s passion for the annual singing contest and has material in his locker to create a potential smash hit.

After already trying to represent Ireland, with not much success, Justin wants to team up with Chezzer and use his musical talents to produce a track that would inspire the nation. “If I were to try and enter again at some point in the future, have you got a track you would be willing to donate, to me, for Eurovish?”. Chesney was intrigued by the idea, “Mate, I would absolutely love that. We need to talk, I’m sure I’ve got a few. We need to talk about that, we need to make that happen”.

So with a new duo seemingly formed live on the show,  will they fair better than some of Britain’s entries over previous years? Do you remember Electro Velvet’s anthem “Still in Love with You” from last year or the instant classic “That Sounds Good to Me” by Josh Dubovie in 2009? No? Neither do we to be honest.

The United Kingdoms’s last victory came all the way back in 1997, when Katrina and the Waves trounced the competition with “Love Shines a Light”. So with the odds against them, we here at FUBAR hope tactical voting does not come into play, so JLC and Chesney Hawkes can reign supreme over Europe.

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