Government cover-up over Big Cats in Britain

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A Government cover up of big cats, freely roaming Britain has been uncovered.

Talking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Steve N Allen, David Bamping, from the British Big Cats Society, revealed they had found numerous corpses of Lynx, Puma and Jungle cats scattered across the country. “People don’t know we’ve found nineteen bodies in the last thirty years over Britain. But the government have been trying to cover it up.”

Bamping was also quick to dispel the rumours of the mystery beast roaming the countryside this weekend in Plymouth, merely dismissing the picture as a “fake”. Using his experience he deciphered the image to have been originally sourced from America and not generated in the Cornish town. However four sightings were made this weekend alone in Wales and reported to his organisation. Bamping asserts that these sorts of sightings are a regular occurrence and all part of the massive government cover up that has been going on for years.

Bamping warns that these big cats are not as cute and cuddly as your regular household pussy, revealing he had dealt with viscous attacks in the past, ranging from swipes at someone’s face to taking chunks of flesh from one man’s leg in Scotland.

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