Jeremy Kyle rages at FUBAR presenters

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When FUBAR Radio presenters Johnny and Inel found themselves in the studio for a live recording of ITV’s ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’, the last thing the pair expected was to be on the end of a verbal tirade from the TV host.

According to Johnny Cochrane, Jezza’s rage stemmed from a parody he had done whilst working as a children’s TV presenter, many years ago. After being informed of the sketch, Kyle went into overdrive on the unsuspecting Johnny, but he was left “baffled” when a near perfect impression of Jezza was executed, leaving Kyle in a fit of rage the FUBAR presenter alleges.

To get access to the studio recording, the pair had to sneak in using one of their old acquaintances, who just happened to be a security guard on the show. Their relationship stretched back to the ‘Johnny Kyle’ sketch, when to create the most amount of authenticity, they used the same security guard, who was only happy to let old friends onto the real set.

Johnny asserts he was picked out of the crowd by Jezza, calling him “Eagle Eye Cherry” referencing his hairstyle, but the veteran broadcaster used his experience and laid off Johnny after finding out he was a comedian.

Kyle has been presenting the mid-morning show for 10 years now, dealing with any number of weird and wonderful freaks of nature, ranging from a 62-year-old female stripper and a man who thought it would be a great idea to get Skeletor tattooed on his face. But of all the tough counterparts Jezza has faced, it appears Johnny had his number.

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