Joey Page’s Emotional Tribute to David Bowie

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FUBAR Radio’s very own radio host, Joey Page, used his weekly show to pay tribute to iconic singer, David Bowie, after his passing from cancer.

Bowie’s death, as Page noted, is a huge loss due to his widespread impact internationally. As Page explained, Bowie aided in bringing down the Berlin Wall and consistently sold out his tours around the world, an honour to his greatness.

More personally, he recounted how his father had first introduced him to Bowie’s music, and that his admiration for Bowie’s talent had continued throughout his teens, remaining strong to this day.
Page remarked on the persistence of Bowie to release his last album, Blackstar, despite suffering through cancer and six heart attacks.

His tribute rounded up by noting that Bowie was not just a musical genius, but also a great person. A celebrity who was able to avoid social media, to walk his child to school every day, and to have a loving relationship with his wife.

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