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The 02 Silver Clef Awards attracted some of the biggest names in the music business last week. The event raised over £700,000 for the Nordoff Robbins charity, which uses music to transform vulnerable children’s and adult’s lives. FUBAR Radio sent Huw Joseph from the ‘The Friday Social’ show who spoke to rock legends, pop icons, emerging talents, oh and Patrick Stewart.

First up Huw managed to grab Duran Duran, the 80’s pop group have been busy recording their new album which features a plethora of artists.

Jake Bugg might not be renowned for his scintillating chat, well on stage at least, but he was more than happy to have a word with Huw about his third album.

Iron Maiden told Huw, how they produced an 18 minute track on their new album, as well as some how confusing our Ozzie presenters accent for a Scottish one. Maybe all that rock music is finally taking its toll on the band’s eardrums after all these years.

When you’re producing smash hits, performing in front of thousands and attending copious amounts of events your time is as at premium. However Huw managed to grab the ‘Uptown Funk’ creator before he was whisked away.

The last twelve months have seen James Bay score a number one album and perform on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury but surely the highlight had to be having a burrito named after him in America.

Finally, when Huw turned up at the Silver Clef Awards, he did not expect to interview Captain John-Luc Picard. However he could not pass up the opportunity to speak to Patrick Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell.

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