Mikill Pane sorry for punching Blair

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s “The Friday Social” with Huw Joseph, Mikill Pane recalled the days as a kid he used to hang around with former Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s son. After forming a good friendship with Euan Blair, walking home together, doing their homework and playing freely down the park, Mikill revealed how, as soon as his Dad got the top job in British politics, he thought Euan turned into “a bit of a wanker”. The breakdown in their relationship allegedly resulted in a punch up, which was an even contest according to Pane.

“I want to apologise to Euan Blair, for punching him up one time… To be fair, we had a fair fight, he tried to throw some punches.”

Power corrupts the best of us, and here at FUBAR we can imagine little Euan Blair parading around the playground, appointing a miniature cabinet of close allies, including a minister for pencil cases and setting legalisation for longer lunch times.

The rapper was reminiscing about his school days and first told us, how he was expelled on his first day of school because his hair was to short. Surely not worth a permanent exclusion?

Speaking about how in life they’d let their parents down, Huw Joseph got in on the act detailing his recent trip, to the Silver Clef Awards. The proud Welshman was given one job by his father, to get an interesting question answered by the “Sex Bomb” singer, however he was left red faced when Jones barely gave him the time of day. Maybe ‘The Voice’ judge was left startled and anxious by the question Huw posed him. Listen below to the extended interview.

Maybe Huw needs to have a sit down in a dark room and think of some better questions.

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