George Gilbey nervous of letting family down on CBB

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s Hot Gossip, with Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, Celebrity Big Brother finalist George Gilbey revealed just how nervous he was, of “letting his family down”, by choosing to go into the CBB house. The former Gogglebox star had to gamble between, sticking with the hit Channel 4 show or leaving his contract, to pursue a dream of conquering the reality TV show.

It wasn’t the first time George had considered entering the Big Brother house, telling Mark and Lizzie how friends would enter video applications to show behind his back, usually of him just dicking about. Although making it to the final four in CBB, the former Essex electrician, felt his exploits would have been better suited for the ordinary version of the BB house due to his initial nerves going into the house.

Before entering the show, George recalled how he felt like he was being “kidnapped” after being bundled into a car with a bag over his head, driven in a blacked out vehicle and then unveiled to the world as a contestant.

To stay open minded, the sparky, did not research any of the other contestants, as to not judge anyone before he had met them, showing just how loveable the cheeky chap is.

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