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We’re excited – are you? This Thursday, between 12pm – 1pm, to mark the release of the first Star Wars film in ten years, FUBAR Radio will be dedicating a entire hour to a galaxy far, far away.

Host of the show, Jamie Stangroom went to interview the legend that is Brian Blessed. Brian played the character of Boss Nass, the leader of the Gungans in the Star Wars Prequel trilogy. He had a few scenes with the infamous and most hated character in the Star Wars Universe…… Jar Jar Binks. Blessed even had a word of caution for George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, that the character might not work.

“I did advise at times that I felt he was fine but if you’re playing a character like that, or you’re playing Boss Nass, I always made sure my noises didn’t interfere with dialogue.”

“Once, I said you’ll lose a bit of plot…. He said “I’ll watch it Brian, I’ll watch it”.

Blessed played the leader of the underwater people from the Planet Naboo, and was known for having a booming voice and making strange and unique noises during his performance, the same as Jar Jar Binks.

“I think Jar Jar makes noises on his lines and he has a lot of plot, so the audience is saying, ‘what’s he saying? What did he say?”.

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