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FUBAR Radio regulars will be aware that ‘Tuesday Round Up’ host, Doc Brown, wears many hats, he’s a stand-up comedian, radio presenter, actor and currently he’s in the process of filming the new David Brent film with Ricky Gervais.

However some of you may not know that Doc, real name Ben Bailey Smith, is a children’s author. This coming February sees the release of his first book with amazing artist Sav Akyüz.

I AM BEAR was catapulted into the limelight after a publishers’ bidding war, and now Ben and Sav’s debut rap-style, read-aloud picture book featuring a purple rapping Bear is here! In Bear they found a character as mischievous, cuddly and outrageous as their own young children! Ben says: “I AM BEAR is the irreverence of childhood. It is bedlam but fun.”

 The vibrant and graffiti style Bear wears a suit of purple hair, and the guys rightly say “anything purple is rarely ordinary” – and in I AM BEAR, their cheeky trickster is anything but ordinary! Bear is loveable, naughty and does what real bears do – eat. He eats honey and eh, doughnuts and um, squirrels….”MUNCH, MUNCH. MY LUNCH!”

Ben and Sav are true Londoners born and bred and the hip hop fans have been friends for years. Both with young families, they felt the time was right to launch I AM BEAR; and it is their fun dark humour that spontaneously created their magical Bear in a flash!

Ben’s also taken it one step further by recording the rap, for parents and children to learn and share. Watch the animated musical video by the creators at:

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