Everything Everything’s “hit making” shed

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Joey Page show, lead singer of Everything Everything, Jonathan Higgs revealed one of the secrets to the band’s success is actually just at the end of most people’s garden. “I wrote Kemosabe in my parents shed. That was the first thing we did for the record to get the ball rolling, this time I wrote Distant Past in the same circumstances, in the same shed. It does seem to have some sort of hit making qualities. But as for doing a whole record in there, I’m not sure we’d survive, it’s pretty cold and damp and full of spiders.”

Before all teenage bands start rushing to B&Q, for their stock of timber oak 7×3 sheds, there is more to the Manchester band’s success. Their new album ‘Get to Heaven’ reached number seven in the album charts and fans of the group love the diverse nature of their material. “We are always wondering whether people accept us or they get us at all. We’ve just had the radio on and there’s a lot of stuff that is nothing like us, we’ve been placed into this pop world, sometimes we don’t how we got here. But it’s really nice to be successful, especially nice to be amongst stuff that’s nothing like you.”

After breaking through in 2010 the band have gone on to have big success, however Higgs admits it is hard not to bow down to external pressures facing the bands creativity. “There is always the ghost on your shoulder, you could probably do this and probably have a number one, we know that’s always there, we haven’t bent to it yet, it wouldn’t make us happy. You see other bands doing it and we wonder what would it be like, we’ve not done it, we are really proud.”

For fans who aren’t lucky enough to catch the four-piece across their summer schedule of festivals, they will be touring the UK this winter.

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