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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s The Friday Social’ with Mikill Pane and special co-host, ‘Made in Chelsea’ star, Ollie Proudlock, Ed Sheeran responded to the former ‘Smiths’ frontman about his recent comments. “Morrissey is entitled to his opinion, I’m just not sure people listen anymore or care.”

The ‘Photograph’ singer was questioned by long term friend, Pane over recent criticisms thrown his way from the likes of Morrissey and NME. “It’s a very popular thing to say among the indie circles ‘Ed and Sam Smith are ruining music.’ Like cool, good for you, I think as long as someone doesn’t hurt anyone and they’re making someone happy, no one can really put them down. It’s someone from a completely different generation not getting this generation’s biggest artists.”

Ed felt Morrissey was the same as his old man years ago when comparing their taste in music. “The way I view it, is the same as when I’d listen to Oasis, Limp Bizkit and Eminem. My Dad would be in the car saying, ‘what’s this, I don’t understand it.’ There’s a generation who can’t stand the new stuff. Like when ‘The Smiths’ came out, there would have been a generation of people being like, ‘who’s this Morrissey chap, what’s he doing?”

With the world at his feet at the moment, Ed shrugged of the comments and told Mikill about the after effects of selling out Wembley Stadium for three consecutive nights. He revealed that the huge shows had taken it’s toll on him, “I just got really ill afterwards, my body kind of shutdown, got the flu, pretty much the day after. That usually happens after a long tour.”

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