Johnny and Inel – Drunk Seagulls attacking Brits

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Imagine a world where seagulls were “being chucked out of Wetherspoons” and threatening to leave their bird spouses by “getting with a pigeon”. This was how FUBAR Radio presenters Johnny and Inel broke down the post of drunk gulls flying around Britain.

Fans of the show, which airs every Thursday between 4-6pm on FUBAR Radio, will know the pair discuss all manor of topics ranging from being an incredibly nervous boyfriend to UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and the devastating post that Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy are filing for divorce. However, when the duo got into the pressing issue of drunk seagulls, the conversation took an unexpected twist.

It was reported this week that hungry Seagulls who feast on large numbers of flying ants are actually becoming pissed due to the formic acid released from ingesting the insects. The warm weather has seen a rise in numbers of the annoying creatures all descending on road kill, which leaves them as prime targets for the birds who swoop down for the equivalent of three pints washed down with a Jagerbomb.

Dead sea birds have been reported in a number of places, including Paignton, Plymouth, Teignmouth and Ilfracombe but if you think you are safe because you are in the North, be warned, the state these birds are in they could dive bomb a stag party, leave the bar dry and not even remember it the next morning.

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