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Joining Mikill Pane and special guest host, producer The Last Skeptik on Friday, was rapper Afrikan Boy to talk exclusively with FUBAR Radio about his latest album ‘The ABCD’ and the third single to come from the record ‘Sunshine’.

As you can see from above, the video for the new single heavily features Afrikan Boy’s young son and it was with him in mind the words for ‘Sunshine’ came about. “I wrote it pretty much as a lullaby just before my son was born. I was thinking what should I make it on and then wifey was like sunshine, everyone likes the sunshine. I just wanted to do something that was first, child friendly so my son can vibe to it and the hook just came to me, I didn’t write it prior to going in the studio. The sun, was beaming through the studio and at the top of my voice I said ‘it don’t matter if you’re wrong, it don’t matter if you’re right, just as long as you’re moving let the sunshine carry you.”

Afrikan Boy first attracted mainstream attention back in 2006 when he released

‘One Day I went to Lidl’

. The cult track was recently back in the spotlight after a Twitter exchange between Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

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However the rapper was keen to show with his latest release he has a plethora of different influences and styles to call upon which are used on ‘The ABCD’. “Coming out after ‘Lidl’ a lot of people just thought, ‘Yeah that’s what man does’ but I just wanted to put the music out there. If you don’t put it out there, then nobody is going to know and when you do come out with something different, they are like where did this come from? I’m like, listen to the album I’ve been doing this from day one. So it’s just to put out 15 tracks of diversity really.”

Mikill, Afrikan Boy and Last Skeptik


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