Ron Scalpello – “He died for twenty minutes”

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Hot Gossip’ with Lizzie Cundy and special guest host, OK! Content Editor Jonathan Brown, Director Ron Scalpello came into the studio to speak about his new film ‘Pressure’.

The plot sees four deep sea divers stuck at the bottom of the sea with oxygen rapidly running out. In researching for the movie Scalpello heard some unbelievably scary tales from divers whose job it is every day to maintain vital pipe lines. “We heard one story, where a guy in the North Sea died for twenty minutes. They lost contact with him, but because his blood was so oxygenated it kept his body functions and his brain alive.”

“They found him, took him back up, they resuscitated him, he was alive. The frightening thing that shows the mentality of these guys he was back out at sea 12 months later.”

With a star studded cast featuring Danny Huston, Matthew Goode and Joe Cole the Director also recruited the beautiful Daisy Lowe who was quickly thrown in at the deep end. “She came on set for two days and Dasiy was just wonderful. I mean firstly the camera loves her because she’s photogenic, she has a lovely presence on set and is very committed to what she wants to achieve.”


“We didn’t have loads of time to get into a very difficult scenario. She’s in a car crash, blood and things are going on and she had to get there very quickly. She took it very well.”

The film was out in cinemas last week and is available to download from today with the DVD release coming on the 31st August.

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