Mikill Pane – “Iggy Azalea is a bitch”

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When Mikill Pane and Doc Brown presented on Tuesday’s ‘Sarah, Huw and Doc Too’ show, the pair were joined by special guest, ‘Murder in Successville’ creator Tom Davis and faced a simple question “who is the biggest dick you’ve ever worked with?”

Whilst the Doc and Davis were debating their choices, there was no hesitation from Pane as he knew immediately the perfect person to put forward.

Mikill Pane: “Mine was a female, I really didn’t take to Iggy Azalea when I supported her at Fabric for Hewlett-Packard.”

Doc Brown: “I don’t like anything about this story, I don’t like the facts.”

MP: “Every name I’ve mentioned in that sentence is like ‘You what mate?’ I just thought she was bitch, I really didn’t like her.”

There seemed to be unanimous disdain for the Australian singer as ‘Plebs’ star Davis, instantly recalled a bad experience with Azalea.

Tom Davis: “I did a thing with Rizzle Kicks and Rob Beckett, like a Friday night, TFI sort of show and she was on that. She didn’t talk to anyone. Bastille were on and they were lovely and she…..”

MP: “She’s a bitch, I genuinely dislike the girl. I hope she finds no more success in her music career and goes back to Australia.”

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