Big Boo Accuses Sloth of Stealing Her Quinoa Salad

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Ok so Jeremy Kyle is nothing new to the British public. You either love it or loath it.

There’s fights, there’s drug tests, there’s DNA tests and the list just goes on. But not enough swearing frankly. Although this is a programme that sticks to an unemployed/old persons schedule of prime, daytime, 11am-4pm slots.

Well anyway, this particular episode went viral this week because it was so… so…. difficult to understand. Let’s just say that.

They chatted shit to be frank. Their accents, plus the petty subject, plus their faces made way for some beautiful trash tv.

We took the time out of our day to do you a favour. We translated the conversation for you.

We also matched celeb lookalike to them, because, why not.

So here is familiar face Boo from Orange Is The New Black and Sloth from The Goonies battling it out in front of Jezza Kyle.

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