Why Sweden and Finland Are Shitting All Over Britain

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Over the past few days it’s been announced that Finland wish to give their citizens 800 euros and scrap their benefits system, whilst Sweden are introducing a six hour work day.

We’re definitely in the wrong country.

Great healthcare, low drug abuse, blondes..

Let’s start with Sweden.

What is more appealing than working for just six hours?! Employers across the country have already implemented the change in a bid to increase productivity and make people happier. This new regime is set to allow people to focus and enjoy work more, and also have more time for their well treasured private lives.

However, it may not be as simple as it seems. Some companies don’t allow their staff to use social media or have breaks like we often do throughout a working day. To the CEO’s of these companies; since there is less time, it should be used more wisely. So far this new method is said to increase both profits and employee’s happiness whilst lowering the turnover rate.

Depending on each work space, a lot of people aren’t allowed on social media anyway. Surely this is a good deal for most. It’s insane to think that some companies in Sweden have been doing this successfully for thirteen years and yet here we are working 8+ hours everyday. I bet they have light up pens too..

Doctors and nurses in some hospitals in the country have even made the move to the six-hour day. This will never happen in the UK, let’s face it.

First ABBA, now this. The country that keeps giving.

Oh the Finns, how we envy you.

Finland may have one upped you Sweden. Their government are planning to abolish benefits and provide people with 800 euros a month – that’s £576. That’s right up our street. When and How?!

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Prime Minister Juha Sipila: “For me, a basic income means simplifying the social security system.”

According to Bloomberg it will cost the Finish government around 52.2 billion euros a year. But this is the amazing country that provides mothers with a cardboard box cot. Not not, your average Argos box, It’s like a starter kit full of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed. Some say it helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

There are also a few other initiatives Sipila provides for his country such as giving money to support students that study in other countries. This money DOES NOT need to be returned. Can you believe that?

When you compare these two countries to the UK – and pretty much the rest of the world – it seems like we’re all sinking under and Sweden and Finland are having a merry old time floating around in the sun.

The worst part is we aren’t in a state in which we will ever be able to offer what they are, but we wont ever be either. It’s about taking a plunge that this country is not willing to do. We are too divided and our governments decisions focus on completely different aspects of society and culture.

We’ve got a plan!

Let’s wait till September when the flights are the cheapest and then move to Finland!

Yes, it’s a rubbish plan. That’s all we got.

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