Imagine Getting Paid $8000 To Sit In a Queue

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It was revealed today that American citizens are earning up to $8000 to sit in line and get the iPhone 7 for other people. These ‘other people’ definitely have more money than sense, as that’s more than the device itself costs.

Apple’s newest product is to be released in the early hours of tomorrow worldwide, and America is taking it very seriously. There is currently a queue outside the New York Apple shop which people have been waiting in as early as mid-August. The queue was first spotted by a passer-by who interns at tech company Bloomberg.



The intern explained to the world the system of the queue. The nearer the front you are, the more you get paid, ‘Pro line-sitter in 11th said it’s a $3K+ job’  he tweeted.

FUBAR isn’t that excited about the release of the iPhone 7, and we definitely aren’t going to pay people to get it for us. We actually know a lot of other things we would rather pay people for..

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