8 Reasons Why The Nokia 3310 Is Way Better Than The iPhone

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Are you sitting there wondering what the hype is about the re-release of the Nokia 3310 is all about?

Do you even remember the Nokia 3310?

Whether you think your iPhone is the accessory you can’t go without or the best advancement in personal technology, let us tell you why the Nokia is a better option for you to lead a simpler & happier life…

1. Indestructible

Anything in comparison to the iPhone is indestructible but the Nokia 3310 tops everything when it comes to durability.


2. Statement Shells

iPhone cases can be ridiculous but Nokia 3310 shells were a classic statement and must-have for your brick.


3. Battery Life!

Whilst you’ll be lucky to have your iPhone last past breakfast time, the Nokia 3310 had the standby time of almost 11 days.


4. Goodbye Social Media

Without the means of portable social media you can avoid anything you want. Say NO to scanning through your phone aimlessly whilst people post what they had to eat every second of the day.

instagram lunch]

5. Sun Perks

You can actually see your phone in the fucking sun. The struggle ain’t real.

iphone sun

6. £££

Don’t have to sell your soul to afford one. Or the expensive chargers. Over-priced accessories. And extortionate insurance.


7. Peace & Quiet

Another perk of the lack of social media, is you don’t have a constant news source or flow of shit coming from people such as Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump or Piers Morgan.


8. Gaming

Everyone’s favourite thing about the Nokia 3310. Snake II.


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