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The English language can be confusing.

We say ‘rubber’, Americans say ‘eraser’. We say ‘condom’, Americans say ‘rubber’.

It doesn’t really make sense.

An infographic has now been created by Grammar Check pointing out 63 differences between British and American English to help you with translation.

It’s not really as straight forward as that though is it?

Britain itself can’t agree on whether or not you should have chips on your gravy or where the border between the north and the south is, let alone trying to agree on what to call the evening meal.

FUBAR has created our own North vs. South translator to help you out when integrating with ‘THE OTHERS’.

1. This.

South: Roll
North: Barm/Teacake/Cob

2. A cuppa

pg tips

South: Tea
North: Brew

3.’Food’ right? Wrong.

South: Food
North: Scran

4. What are these shoes?

South: Trainers
North: Trabs

5. Evening Meal

South: Dinner
North: Tea/Supper

6. Playground Games

South: It/Tag
North: Tig/Tiggy
Some other unnecessary places: He/Tick/On

7. Toilet

South: Loo
North: Netty

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