Things that have happened since #Brexit…

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People are SO bored of Brexit. It seems like it has been dragging on forever, and after today’s Supreme Court ruling, it’s dominating headlines yet again. In fact, it’s gone on so long, here’s a few things that have been and gone since campaigning began.

1. Sam Allardyce left Sunderland, became England manager, then resigned as England manager, then became Crystal Palace manager.

2. Brazil and South Korea both impeached their presidents and got new ones.

3. A ceasefire in Syria began, then ended, then another one began.

4. President Trump – obviously.

5. Hundreds of trends began then faded: Pokemon Go, Scary clowns etc.

6. Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift got together then broke up. Thank fuck.

7. Kim Kardashian got robbed, and the thieves were caught, unfortunately.

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