The Worst Things About Being a Welsh Fan Living In England

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Rivalry is healthy. It’s liberating to support your team and take pride in your country. Nothing is better than a bit of competition.

When you’re in your hometown, you’re surrounded by your friends and other people who feel like your friends just because you’re cheering for the same team. You’re having a blast. However, finding yourself in the opposition’s land of honour, supporting THEIR opposition – that’s another story. Still with me?

1. First of all, you’re the minority. And everybody knows it. You’re the direction the whole pub looks once they’ve stopped jumping up and down and swearing after a goal. It’s like a reaction shot at an awards ceremony. Not to forget you are now the butt of all jokes.



2. Ahh, then comes the sheep-shagger joke. The time when being called a sheep-shagger is at its (only) peak of hilarity. Personally I think it’s such a weird joke that it’s not offensive in the slightest and I don’t mind people saying it. I secretly like it a little as I’m so patriotic and if anyone acknowledges it then I’m happy. Similar to Little Britain’s only gay in the village sketch. But still, you lot need a new joke.

3. The atmosphere in England is so different in comparison. In English pubs everyone is either silent or swearing. There is little doubt in your mind that the man at the bar will throw his pint any second. In a Welsh pub people have their eyes on the prize but they’re chatting and laughing together.

4. Not to mention the fact that everything shuts down during a Welsh match. The streets of Wales are empty but the pubs and living rooms are full. None of that in England. People don’t care. If you don’t care in Wales, you watch anyway.

5. The propaganda and the build-up isn’t all that. I mean sports direct have their adverts and Sainsbury’s have a little stand with memorabilia for kids on it, but that’s it. In the run up, Wales is flooded with patriotic signs, posters, flags and chatter. The atmosphere is brilliant way before game day.

6. English fans are very stroppy. If they lose they get upset for a few days. Welsh people drink off the pain.

Although having said that..

7. Last but not least, the patronizing ‘’Well done mate!’’ when they’ve won a game. The lovely ‘’Chin up – You deserved it!’’ with a slow motion pat on the back. I’m pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot we’d get a good ol’ head butt.

Never the less, it’s reassuring to overhear someone say if Wales got through they’d be happy to support us. But that guy was mid-way through getting a head butt..


Article by Abby Weaver.

A heartbroken but not yet defeated Welsh girl.