Fair Play To PornHub For Doing This

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Audio nerds, get ready for this.

The world’s most famous porn database PornHub has released its first batch of porn for those who are visually impaired. The sites very own social media master Aria voices the series. She descriptively commentates over the original sound from the video footage to give listeners the full experience.

PornHub’s latest innovation which launched on Wednesday is set to grow and develop to fit the needs of the viewers, but there is already a lot of content to choose from. So far, there is a huge variety of preference categories; it even has Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Vice President Corey Price encourages people to give feedback to help them develop their new project: “With programs like this, we hope to open the door and inspire our community members, content partners and other platforms to create more content with the differently-abled user in mind.’’

Price added “At PornHub, it’s our goal to service all of our users’ needs, which begins with making content accessible to every individual.”

Virtual reality porn is also on the horizon. In 2015 major companies bought into the production and development of wireless sex toys and 360 visuals due to viewers demand for something new. There will definitely be a decline in older men leaving their homes when this blows up.

Want to see what famous musicians think of the 4D experience?

So there you have it. Porn for the ears. Umm, take that as you will.