5 July Must-Do’s

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It may be only June, but once the euros have finished, you’ll need something to occupy your time. To all the non-football fans, you’ll need this too. You must be out of things to do by now.

  • Get Your 4th of July On.

Independence Day may not mean anything to us Brits, but we won’t pass at any occasion to grab a beer and a burger. Mondays are already pretty horrible, never mind the fact that it’s ‘’summer’’ – emphasis on the inverted commas – therefore it may be July, but you may be in your wellies. But you can always pretend you’re in sunny LA. There are countless American diners throughout London and the UK and no doubt someone will be having a party.

Check out London’s best diners here.

  • Festival Till You Can’t No Mo’.

Didn’t get Glasto tickets? Fear not.

From more local gigs such as Hyde Park’s British Summer Time to Spain’s exotic I Am Global Festival, there’s too much choice for you not to attend a festival this summer. Also with a big thanks to last minute sites being the ultimate guru, you may be able to go further than you thought on your budget.

  • Nerds, Unite!

One of the world’s highest grossing franchises is being celebrated through a huge three day festival. YOU get the chance to see props, exhibits, costumes, screenings, discussions, panels and more.  There are three kinds of tickets so if you can’t make it for the whole weekend, you can just pull an all-dayer. Lightsabers at the ready!

15th-17th July. ExCel Centre. ££.

  • I Drink Therefore I am

Many of us get inspired to be creative whilst under the influence, even if it is stylizing a pizza. However this exhibition is not just wavy paint brush marks and spilt beer. It delves deep into the relationship between Britain and alcohol, past and present.

Of course there are hundreds of art exhibitions to check out across the country, but this is a Fubar recommended exhibition. It’s an unmissable one. It’s also open until September, so even harder to miss.

Until Friday September 30 2016. Tate Britain. Free!

  • Damn, Potter! Back At It Again..

Daniel Radcliff may have said he’s not going anywhere near it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Harry Potter is a true British phenomenon and a franchise that everybody has enjoyed seeing grow. Well, unless you’re one of the few weirdo’s who doesn’t like it. Get on down to Soho and see the play that everybody is talking about.

Admittedly this isn’t the cheapest option but it’ll be well worth it. We have faith it Rowling.

Until Saturday May 27 2017. The Palace Theatre Soho. £££.