Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley Causing More Than Chaos

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Newcastle United owner and CEO of Sport Direct has not been making a good name for himself, again.

It turns out that the multi-billionaire hasn’t been very fair to his workers and Sports Direct. And when we say ‘very fair’ that’s putting it nicely. He’s been a total cunt. Underpaying employees, fining staff for being late and not allowing breaks is just a few things that the company have been found guilty of. Shockingly, union officials even found that the Derbyshire distribution centre operated a “strike system” for misdemeanours where staff were given “a strike” for things such as spending too long in the toilet, excessive chatting or taking a day off sick.

Ashley founded the company in 1982, who knows how long these horrible work conditions have been imposed. It’s about time the media shone a light on his barbaric ways of leadership.

HMRC and other companies are investigating the issue as well as members of the Houses of Parliament.

What next, no heavy breathing?

REVEALED: Victorian work practices in Mike Ashley’s empire even extend to meal breaks!


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