Louis van Gaal EXCLUSIVELY previews the Liverpool v Man United clash for FUBAR Radio

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FUBAR have managed to convince football’s Mr Dutch Discipline himself, Louis van Gaal to EXCLUSIVELY preview the Liverpool v Man United match. Turns out he didn’t need too much convincing. A stein of red wine and a copy of Sam Allardyce’s footballing philosophy did the trick. Over to you LVG:

This is a very important game for both teams. Liverpool are trying to keep pace with the top teams in the Premier League and Manchester United are attempting to re-build after my departure. Manchester did not give me enough time to install my philosophy but I feel right now they are reaping the rewards of the foundations I built.

Memphis Depay and I had an agreement this year he would become world class. Zlatan had already promised me he would come to the club, stand up front and win headers from Smalling’s and Jones’ long balls. What defence could cope with that?

I taught Mourinho everything he knows. I am the master, he is the student. All his success must be attributed to me. I have already emailed him my plans for Klopp’s Liverpool. The only way to beat them is to pass the ball from side to side, short, four yard passes, send the opposition to sleep, then pounce.

Liverpool have many dynamic players who play between the lines, press high up the pitch, put the opposition under pressure. My Manchester United team did not feel pressure. They did not feel pressure because I told them pressure does not exist. They will have no problem brushing Liverpool aside.

Strong, direct, rigid, restrictive, these are all words I like my team to play with in mind. Liverpool cannot cope with this. Liverpool are far too creative to be able to deal with this type of football.

Jurgen is a very astute coach but he is far too connected to the fans and the club. You must always maintain a strong distance between the fans, the culture, the players and the pitch. None of these things should be connected. It is important to keep everything separate. Separatism breeds elitism and that is what the best teams are about.

My prediction would be a 1-0 Manchester United win. Wayne Rooney will score a wonderful goal and Liverpool will have 30-40 chances but will not score. These tactics are tried and tested. They have won me trophies all over the world and continue to win trophies for all of the managers I have mentored. Guardiola, Mourinho, Alex Ferguson, Ancelotti, Big Sam, Enrique, they will all tell you who their biggest influence was and is. They don’t call me Louis van Gaal for nothing.

A big thanks to LVG and his ‘interesting’ views on how football should be playerd. FUBAR Radio will be bring you LIVE alternative coverage of the Liverpool v Man United match on our Twitter page. Follow us HERE.

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