You’ll Never Guess Why This Artist Was Arrested

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Milo Moire is a Swiss artists who has been turning heads as she’s traveled around the major cities in Europe. When she came to London however, she almost broke our necks. Her art campaign earned her a night in a cell. Yep that’s right, is not art you see every day, no paint in sight. ‘Mirror Box’ involves mirrors and genitalia.

Moire is campaigning for women’s rights and sexual self-determination by using two mirrored boxes; one fits over her boobs, one over her vagina. Both boxes have a flap in which she encourages members of the public to put their hands in and feel around for 30 second periods. Whilst she stands their (basically permitting foreplay) she uses a megaphone to explain to passers-by what she’s up to.


“Women have a sexuality, just like men have one. However, women decide for themselves when and how they want to be touched, and when they don’t.”

Moire had recently carried her performance out in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf without any trouble. However, London saw her get arrested and spend 24 hours in a cell. We Britons may feel we host a liberal society, but Moire said this was the big difference between London and ‘Dam. The only trouble she had in the Netherlands was the volume of her megaphone.

Is what she was doing really so outrageous? Moire was advocating women’s rights and freedom of sexuality. Yet we deemed it as inappropriate for the British public and chucked her in the slammer. This is hardly public indecency, it’s a protest which was harmless. I think she needs to come back during the annual naked bike ride, better crowd.

This highlights the UK’s inability to protest well, or even at all. Whenever we are upset about something, we either sit around and moan on Twitter, or we host a protest which gets shut down within the hour. Tail between our legs, we just scuttle off home. Look at France! They’re going for it. Fire and everything. Maybe we need to take a leaf out of their book so we can socially develop. But not so much that we have a second London riots, obviously.

The conceptual artist suggested if the UK is to remain in Europe, that to overcome social issues such as this, then laws need to be regulated uniformly throughout the continent. She was also very in favour of staying within the EU for such reasons adding ‘’Europe is like a big family. In which you can’t choose the members and you prefer some more than the other, but what Europe unites is the blood of freedom, which flows in all. Keeping Great Britain in the EU makes this family stronger.”

Well she’s right, right? We are a very liberal society compared to most, but yet things like this push us back in time slightly.

Let’s do this the Moire way and get our tits out.

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