Shout Out To The OAP’s for Voting Leave.

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So now it’s out there. We’re officially leaving the EU.

It was a bumpy ride and ended in a close call. The majority of the population rested their head nicely around 2am with the polls showing Remain being in the lead. Unfortunately, this was obviously not the end result.

Polls have also showed us that the older generation are basically the ones to blame. This is a blatant link to the Leave party’s main scape-goat of immigration regulation as a ploy to gain voters.


 The younger generation had their say, but didn’t get their way.

Is it really fair that the older generation get to vote for something that’s unlikely to affect them? Maybe that typical rant about Sunday drivers and how ‘’old people shouldn’t be able to drive’’ should apply to politics. It’s an interesting one because we don’t actually know what’s going to happen. Just hours after the results were released, Nigel Farage has stated putting £350 million into the NHS isn’t actually do-able, David Cameron has resigned and the sterling has already dropped immensely. It’s hard to believe this has all happened in just a few hours. What’s next?

Although politicians such as Sadiq Khan have told us not to panic, how can we not! We cannot guarantee anything which is what’s causing the huge amount of worry. Will we dive into a recession? Will the NHS crumble? They all seem VERY feasible. Let’s not even talk about the price of wine tripling. Goodbye £5 bottles of rose. So we don’t know what’s going to happen when. What the plan is or what it isn’t. Now to play the waiting game.

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