Hilary Caught Off Guard at the Presidential Debate?

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Last night was the most watched presidential debate in history. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump pulled in 84 million people, breaking the previous record of 80.6 million views. The last record was made 36 years ago by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

This figure is astonishing considering it doesn’t even count the groups of people watching together in parties or the many online websites that were streaming worldwide. The 84 million people statistic is based solely on the 13 American TV channels who broadcast the event live.

We carried a poll out to see who you think won the debate:



There was a huge amount of online conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Mostly to do with Trump’s constant sniffling and Clinton continually flattening Trump, by confronting him on just a few of the many grey area’s he’s mounted up in recent years. Hilary really turned up the heat when talking about how Trump has hired hundreds of people and not paid them correctly. She demanded these workers “deserve some kind of apology.”

One thing that caught our attention was right at the beginning.

Was Hillary Clinton caught out by a live mic offstage at the Presidential Debate?

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