Deputy leader of the Green party accuses Labour party of ‘smear’ tactics following success at local election

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Deputy Leader of the Green Party Zack Polanski slammed Labour for trying to ‘smear’ the party following their recent success at the local elections.
Chatting to host Ali Milani and guest co-host Zoë Grünewald on Politics Uncensored, the deputy leader said “The final caveat I just want to say is the reaction we’ve seen from the Labour Party to this where I’ve received, or the leadership have received letters from the Jewish Labour Movement. First of all, the way that the Labour Party have dealt with Islamophobia in their party is horrendous. The way that they hijacked the racism towards Diane Abbott but didn’t actually call out their own MPs, they just used it for political gain has been horrendous.”
He continued: “So we need to take antisemitism and islamophobia really really seriously but I would just gently and not that gently say to the Labour Party that they ultimately need to make sure they’ve cleared their own party of racism before pointing fingers at other parties. And to see Peter Mandelson all over the media trying to trash the Green Party I think was so blatantly political and transparent that actually it has backfired on the Labour Party and I would suggest that they find a cleaner way to do politics that is actually about policy rather than trying to smear parties because we won’t stand for it.”

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