Love Island fan favourite Sam Taylor revealed he didn’t really know who Joey Essex was and claimed that it’s “only right” that they let him return in a twist.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Ellen Coughlan on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star responded to the rumours circulating that he will return to the villa later in the series: “Right now, I don’t know myself, like I don’t know the plan.  I do think it’s only right. I was very shocked to see the fact that I was the fan favourite from the get go. think Samantha [Kenny] didn’t really give it any chance because at the end of the day I got in and then a couple of hours later Joey [Essex] walked in and obviously her eyes lit up. But I just wish she gave it a bit more of a chance. If I do get put back in I think that would be very interesting to watch.”

He continued: “Obviously, throwing a celebrity in the girls are going to be drawn to him because of who he is. Obviously, he’s a good looking lad and he’s attractive and everything but I think Samantha is more of a fan of the fact that he’s Joey Essex. I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched TOWIE. I obviously knew who he was and stuff like that but if I bumped into him or fell over him I wouldn’t know who he was until someone would have actually said.”

Later in the interview, the hair stylist predicted who he thought would win the series: “I think Ciaran [Davies] and Nicole [Samuel]. I don’t think a single person would walk in and turn their heads to be honest. From the first day I just had a feeling. I can definitely see something there, 100%.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Abbie and Lisha from I Kissed a Girl, here.