Activist who glitter bombed Sir Keir Starmer has apologised for touching the Labour leader

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Yesterday evening on FUBAR Radio, the activist who glitter bombed Sir Keir Starmer on Tuesday formally apologised for touching the Labour leader.

Speaking to host Ali Milani on Politics Uncensored, Yaz Ashmawi revealed he felt remorseful about the interaction: ‘Well the thing is, I put my hand on his arm didn’t I? And I touched him. Politicians get a lot of death threats and they have a need to feel safe and I compromised that in that moment by touching him.’

Ashwami revealed that Sir Keir Starmer had wanted to press charges for the incident: ‘I was kept in a cell for around 22 hours. I know he was concerned; he was going to write a letter to the police about assault, so I guess I sort of owned up to that in a way.’

When asked by Ali whether he regretted touching the Labour Leader, the activist said: The thought that like, even for a moment, he felt that he was in danger is horrible to think about. I think it’s absolutely fine to pour glitter on someone and to go on to the stage. I just think it’s the physical contact that crossed the line there.’

Later in the interview, Ashmawi formally apologised to the Leader of the Opposition: ‘Nonviolence is about intervention to prevent harm and it’s about accountability and if Mr Starmer felt that he was threatened… I know he was going to write that statement…. I want to take full responsibility for my actions, I’m sorry for doing that.’

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