5 Weirdest Career Changes

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The Gambia have kind of* elected a former Argos security guard as its new President and so here at FUBAR we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you five of the most extraordinary career changes we can find.

*The current President has actually rejected the election result, so it’s all a bit up in the air at the moment.

MC Hammer – Rapper to Church Minister

The ‘Can’t Touch This’ star was somewhat forced into becoming a man of the cloth after declaring bankruptcy in the mid-1990s, and even set up his own television ministry, claiming ‘MC’ now stands for ‘Man of Christ’.


Frankie Muniz – Malcolm in the Middle to Racing Driver

The former actor was the star of cult classic Malcolm in the Middle before turning to racing where he actually forged a fairly respectable career. Still only 31, who knows what Frankie will turn to next. Perhaps he’ll follow his on-screen dad Bryan Cranston into the world of crystal meth as a long lost son of Walter White.


Tim Wiese – Footballer to WWE Wrestler

The former goalkeeper was in and around the German national team set-up for much of his career before ditching the gloves and turning to WWE Wrestling. He made his debut just last month and won his first fight under the stage name ‘The Machine’ – surely they could have thought of something better than that.


Gary Stocker – Millionaire Lawyer to Human Cannonball

Gary Stocker had forged a highly respectable career as a recruitment lawyer before abandoning the white-collar life to form his own circus company with a friend. The Oxford graduate performs under the name ‘The Great Hermann’ and has purchased the largest circus tent in the UK with a 1,400-seat capacity.


Andy Kelso – Vicar to Elvis Impersonator

Another man of faith on the list, except rather than someone turning to a life in the church, its former vicar Andy Kelso abandoning his robes to become an Elvis Impersonator! Having resigned from his post at a church in Worcestershire, Kelso now tours the local pubs and clubs after following a perceived message from God to take Elvis to the church!


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