Elliot Speller-Gillot Reunites With His On-Screen Uncle Nick Helm

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Over the last few years, there have been many reunions that have made the public happy. The Spice Girls, Monty Python and Take That (numerous times).

Yet, here at FUBAR radio last week we bought together the infamous duo of Nick Helm and Elliot Speller-Gillot from the 2012 BBC Three comedy ‘Uncle’. In this comedy, Nick plays what can only be described as a loveable but incompetent uncle who bonds with his young nephew (Errol) played by Speller. As their relationship blossoms, it becomes clear that this uncle may just become a better person because of Errol.  However, there bonding is usually over how they together can sort out young Errol’s life.

During their reunion live on air, Nick and Elliot along with Nathaniel Metcalfe talked about their time together on the show, the fact that Elliot’s voice has dramatically changed since they filmed together (NO SHOCK THERE) and why Elliot had to try really hard to get into the wrap party of his forthcoming film. This is a reunion you do not want to miss.

Even during the post-show interview, Nick couldn’t help but still try and give advice to his on-screen nephew about how to behave and act on camera.

Catch up on this reunion here.


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