Stars of Made in Chelsea Dish The Dirt on The Drama of The New Series

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Lizzie Cundy was joined with guest host ‘The Bachelor UK’ Alex Marks on Thursday. They talked to the cast of E4’s Made in Chelsea, Miles Nazaire and Sophie Hermann and spoke to them about the new additions to the show’s line-up. In addition, Alex Marks shunned all the rumours concerning other relationships that he may or may have had with other girls since his appearance on ‘The Bachelor UK’.

Miles is known by many, to be a bit of a player. Tonight, when asked if he is now a one-woman-man, he admitted to a very cheeky and dastardly story: “I was dating this girl, and I was dating – well not dating but seeing another girl – and the ‘other girl’ came to the bar and they were friends and I had no idea! Clearly, he is more than a ‘bit’ of a player.

Lizzie pressed Miles further about his bad boy actions by asking him about a recent video that has surfaced of his ex and cast member Maeva giving him a striptease. Myles explained: “Yeah, she caught me by surprise. “When that happened, I genuinely did not know what to do at all, or how to react. 

He continued: ‘In the back of my mind I was like ‘Yeah, she might undress me’ or whatever but then I was like no, there’s camera’s, surely she will never do it.
“And I almost looked into the camera like ‘WHAT?!’.” It sounds like the phrase ‘once a bad boy always a bad boy’ stands to be true in this case.

When asking about how the new cast members are getting on, Sophie barked: “I don’t know. I would have to speak to them…”. This is a clear indication of how she feels about the addition of these new cast members. Miles went on to describe the sassy additions to the show, stating: “There’s a lot of drama. The new people to bring it as well. The new cast members have really brought their own”

Also, on the show, guest host Alex Marks put rumours to rest about him choosing another girl from the show, over his current girlfriend: “I saw the runner up, along with all the other girls at the wrap party in Soho House. That’s the only other time I’ve seen her. Put that to bed.” Not the other women, just to be clear he meant the rumour.

When asking if the contestant made it up, Alex noted: “I think there are elements of truth and some things got exaggerated along the way.” Another mystery of modern-day reality television goes unsolved.

He continued: “Me and Alicia [Oates] have loads of fans, who are fighting her corner and saying, ‘Hey leave these guys alone’.”

As well as this, Jay Kamirza aka ‘Mr Fabulous’ one of the judges from All together now joined to chat about the show coming back for a second series on BBC. Lizzie Cundy’s old friend and hairdresser to the stars Stuart Philips discussed everything from hair and gossip to Serena Williams to David Hasselhoff.

All this and more can be heard via the podcast here.

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