TWITTER REACTS: #Oscar2017 Best Picture

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It seems as if with all the hype even the Oscars themselves were convinced that La La Land had won the gong for Best Picture.

But amongst much awkward stuttering and opening of envelopes after the producers had accepted the accolade they realised that they hadn’t won at all and the cast and crew of the true winner, Moonlight, invaded the stage and took the award right out of their hands.

And of course, Twitter blew-up after the incident…

Bonnie and Clyde: The Sequel

There’s always that one person…

Fake News.

There’s a Simpson reaction for EVERYTHING.

Steve Harvey must be relieved.

The truth.

The plot thickens.

If only the Presidential election ended this way.

She doesn’t have all those Oscars for nothing.

Waiting to be fired like…

Justice has been served.

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