FUBAR’s Worst Fashion Trends

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In 2017, the world is no stranger to the weird and definitely not wonderful fashion trends that have graced the human race.

But things have just been taken to a whole new level.

We are not exaggerating, we think it’s time to quit now. We are so done.

Let us present to you… camel toe underwear.

Just in case your vagina isn’t visible enough to the public, you can now get this padded underwear (in a range of skin tones) to plump it up…


FUBAR revisited some other ridiculous and haunting fashion trends to see if anything tops this discovery…

We don’t even understand this ourselves so please let us know if you can shed some light on this bizarre invention.

The Mankini.

We’ll start with something of a similar ilk that should never have been created let alone worn.


Stick on freckles.

You can’t get more further away from natural looking freckles than this speckly bit of tape.

Kylie Jenner lips.

Well this was a fucked up social media trend that also made people look like they were auditioning for a fish-part in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

The unnecessary tie.

This was a trend for all those true sk8ers. (Fans of Avril Lavigne and Busted really).

avril; lavigne

Let’s hope with their comeback this doesn’t come with it.


Something we all agree should come with a life sentence.

Heeled trainers.

Trainers with heels or those fugly wedged ones.

trainer heels

An accessory we don’t need and definitely don’t want.

Jean chain.

What was the meaning or purpose of this?

jean chains

Thank god this died.

Banana hammock.

Just when you thought the mankini was the worse it could get…


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