Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips admits making up excuses to leave dates 

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This week on Access All Areas, Love Islander Shaughna Phillips joined hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng to talk about excuses to get out of disastrous dates.

When Bobby explained that “60% of people have made up an excuse to leave a date early” Shaughna replied: “I have used, ‘I’ve got a meeting in the morning. So I’ve got to go.’ Because it’s like, ‘Oh my God, you are so professional. You’re so committed to work’.”

She continued: “I actually heard that people use their dog dying as an excuse. Like, you don’t mess with death, ok? Jesus is watching. And you don’t want to start messing around in that pool because if you start. If I said, ‘My dog died’ and something happened to my dog, oh my God! I’d be in therapy for the rest of my life. What’s happened in your past for you to go straight to death?”

Bobby and Stephen were both shocked at the fact that someone could use their dying dog as a justification to leave a date early. The Essex star added: “Yeah, [What’s happened in your past] that you couldn’t even sit there and finish your steak and chips? You’ve had to make out that Toby has died or something. And then, you’ve jumped on the Central line home. I mean no. I will just have to be honest.”

Then Shaughna replied:  “Yeah, how could you then go home, full up from your date, and look at Toby, the dog, in the eyes? You couldn’t!”

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