FUBAR’s Greatest People From Wales

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In honour of St. David’s Day FUBAR takes a look at some of the greatest people Wales has ever produced…

1. Anthony Hopkins

With one of the most recognisable villainous roles ever, who could deny this acting legend a place on this list?


2. Rob Brydon

We’d like to argue Rob Brydon’s character in Gavin and Stacey as Uncle Bryn was one of the best things about the show, as was his love for James Blunt…

3. Dame Shirley Bassey

Queen of the Bond songs, Dame Shirley Bassey is definitely one of the best women Wales has produced.


4. Iwan Rheon

Purely for his outstanding, creepy and sadistic portrayal of Lord Bolton in Game of Thrones. You can’t not admire this guy!


5. Rhys Ifans

Even when he’s playing the bad guy you still have to love him!


6. Catherine Zeta Jones

From Swansea to Hollywood, this Oscar winner is definitely one of our favourite Welsh women.


7. Roald Dahl

If you’re childhood didn’t include Willy Wonka or Matlida, did you really have a childhood?


8. Tom Jones

Forgetting his stint on reality television show The Voice, we couldn’t forget this true Welshman.


9. Christian Bale

He may not actually be Welsh but he was born and spent his childhood there so we can still count him, especially because he’s Batman.


10. Ruth Jones

We have a lot to thank this one for, she brought us the delight that was Gavin & Stacey and her character Ness will forever remain in the top sitcom characters of all time.

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